Belper housing proposals

We are aware of some concern that Belper Civic Forum appears to have been silent on the current proposal to allocate land at Bullsmoor as a strategic housing site.  Our usual spokesperson on strategic planning matters is Stephen Heathcote, a member of the BCF executive committee who is an architect/planner based in the town.  In this instance, Stephen has clients who own part of the affected land (near Cherry House Farm).  He has declared an interest from the beginning and has not taken part in decisions on the BCF approach to this issue.

The Civic Forum relies on its volunteer members, and we are struggling to find an appropriately qualified alternative spokesperson on this issue.  We are currently circulating information about the housing proposals and a questionnaire seeking the views of the public on the housing allocation.  The responses will be submitted to AVBC.

Belper Civic Forum is a discussion forum who come to opinions through discussion and debate, and have been doing this for a number of years, but we don’t ‘whip’ our members. There has always been a range of views on specific issues within a wider understanding that the town should be developed in a planned way that places particular emphasis on high quality design, sympathetic development, regard for the natural and historic environment, and public engagement.

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